Why Fall In Love When You Can Fall Asleep Shirt

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Please resign itif you want america to became great got to get the Why Fall In Love When You Can Fall Asleep Shirt united states out of debt and stay out of debt. No faith in doj no faith in cia have faith americans in the sons of liberty national council because they have patriots capable of dispensing justice in small doses of high velocity lead injections words and thoughts arent enough actions needs to be takenthey speak much louder and wont go on deaf ears thats terrible that our president had to go through all this and still has accomplished so much for our country they should be charged for the wasted funds spent on this and should be held accountable so this never happens to again those that are responsible for all the shady shenanigans from the past three years need to be fired garnish there ages to help regroup some of the money from all the trials and prison time you have every right to be angryand your strength to keep going during all of thishas been amazing now who starts prosecuting and when thank you for continuing to do the business of the country in spite of being attacked dont stop they must pay the price this cannot go without punishment who country went through hell I am proud to have such strong president thank you for saying it like it is. Lmao bernie is soooooooooooo scary time to investigate his campaign and staffers the fear of sanders is the beginning of more wisdom you are going back to your towers soon bappare mohammed we all heard it few days agonews was saying bernie was briefedi think they didnt tell you because your so busy but

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