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I have listened to rush for nearly twenty yearsi have never once heard a Here Fishy Fishy Fishy Shirt word in his show that in any way suggesting that that man held prejudice against anyone you are ignorant and uninformed and as for your purple heart recipient vindman was part of a coup to unseat a duly elected president he better be grateful that that all he got was fired thats the biggest reason we elected you keep draining it. No bail doing terrible things a strong republican can turn the tidethe house did the right thing in the proper manor with a correct indictment the senate failed the country they will soon be out of here. Is this reallythe type of tyrant you support see more iam so proud of our beautiful president trumpits been along time for me tobe able to say that our pass presidents I can only remember jfk see more of course theyre backing bernie they want someone weak in the white house that they can easily push around thankfully bernie doesnt stand a chance if he even makes it to november waldo veelle

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