Heal La Lmu Shirt

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I think it stands as testament to the fact that we love you and your polls are on the rise I would love to have a Heal La Lmu Shirt total dollar amount that has been wasted on the witch hunts billion way to go see the president we have your backnow please do something about the mental illness in this country. You trumpit was great and greater yet. Mr president we all know americans and nonamericans what a tremendous job you are doing for your country we see all the accomplishments on social media some spent last night in tents waiting in lineline already forming with over hours until the event they are not talking about the violence committed at a republican registration booth in florida they arent talking about people being thrown off flights for supporting you hardest working most dedicated potus the crowds at hampshire are fakeas well they will cheer you and vote elsewhere thank you for all the good that you have done even though you have had many distractions

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